Research Note

In Pursuit of the Lost Volumes of al-Maṭālib al-‘āliya


This research introduces a copy of Rāzī’s work al-Maṭālib al-῾āliya that contains epistemology, logic, and ontology sections and an index and was not known until today (Süleymaniye Library, Fatih, no. 3145). Thus, the research correct two fundamental noted mistakes about the name and scope of al-Maṭālib al-῾āliya that had resulted from al-Saqqā’s edition and aims to prove that al-Maṭālib al-῾āliya is an encyclopedic work containing sections on logic, ontology, physics, and theology.


Kalām Islamic philosophy Fakhr al-dīn al- Rāzī Al-Maṭālib al-῾āliya Kalām and philosophy literature