Debating Sufi Knowledge in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Thought: An Analysis of the Saçaḳlīzāde-‘Alamī Debate on Divine Inspiration (‘ilm al-ladunn)


At the beginning of the eighteenth century, two Ottoman scholars named Saçaḳlīzāde and ‘Alamī Aḥmad Efendi wrote treatises and engaged in a scientific debate about divine inspiration (al-‘ilm al-ladunnī). Saçaḳlīzāde’s Risālat al-jawāb is available in the Süleymaniye Library; however, ‘Alamī’s treatise does not appear in the catalogue of Turkey’s manuscript libraries. According to our review, Saçaḳlīzāde’s treatise includes a considerable part of both scholars’ opinions. One can, therefore, examine this debate through this treatise. Given that the matter in question led to a dispute, especially between the Sufis and the theologians, in terms of source of knowledge in the history of Islamic thought, examining it via this treatise would help researchers obtain some information about the characteristics of Ottoman scholarly and intellectual life, as well as the mentalities of Saçaḳlīzāde and ‘Alamī.


Divine Inspiration ‘Alamī Aḥmad Efendi Eighteenth century Islamic thought Ottoman thought Saçaḳlīzāde